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PROJEKTOR GOBO: Projektor Gobo Pro-motion 2000

Projektor Gobo Pro-motion 2000

Producent: Griven

Pro-motion 1200

Pro-motion 1200

Pro-Motion 2000 the latest development of the successful concept introduced with the Pro-Motion 1200, is a multiple format image projector intended for large-scale projection on surfaces of almost any kind. The variety of applications ranges from tradeshow exhibitions structures, live shows stages including backdrop and overhead fabrics, as well as for scenic settings in theme parks and promotional purposes. Using a powerful 2000W discharge lamp, Pro-Motion 2000 is a weatherproofed image projector, certified to an IP44 protection rate against dust and water, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.The suggested 2000W short arc lamp gives a significant 60% increase in the light output of the smaller 1200W version, producing a reasonably sharp image even with a considerable high level of ambient lighting. Its versatility is expanded by optional effect modules and a choice of high resolution variable optics, which can be used separately or in conjunction with each other for truly outstanding displays to meet the professional lighting designer requirements. Single gobo rotators, multiple rotating and indexable gobo changers are adjustable in rotation speed and direction. The 6x7 cm film scroller (with 50 frames max) can be used at different pace for spectacular image projection. The full remote control of all available set-ups is compatible with any DMX 512 digital protocol controller (7 channel required).


Lamp Source
Type: MSR/SA
Wattage (W): 2000
Base: GY22
Lamp life (H): 750
Lumens: 174000
Dichro Filters: 2 wheels 24 colours + white
Angle: 10° - 30° Gobos/19° - 42° Slides
Focus: manual
Zoom: manual
Dimmer: mech. (optional)
Strobe: 9 Fps
Black Out
Glass Gobos: optional
Metal Gobos: optional
Gobos Ø (mm): D Size EXT 53,3-INT 40
Rotating Gobos: 5 (optional)
Slides (mm): n°50 6x7 cm films
DMX Channels: 7
Stand Alone
Master Slave
On-board control
Weather protection: IP44
Cooling: FV
Width (mm): 475-367 (B)
Depth (mm): 780-519 (B)
Height (mm): 654-162 (B)
Weight Kg
Main Fixture: 42
Ballast Set: 25
Input (V): 110 (Optional) Sep.ball. 230-240
Hz: 50-60
Amp: 9 @ 230V - 18 @ 110V