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Sterowniki architektoniczne: Mosaic Show Controller X

Mosaic Show Controller X

Producent: ETC

Mosaic MSCX

Extreme show control. The Unison Mosaic control system offers a network fabric rich in strength and flexibility for most applications -- lighting and LED arrays, kinetic-art displays, media and facility-wide special effects -- enough power for almost any venue or event. But there are exceptions – installations where yet more control is needed. In those cases, the Mosaic Show Controller X range is the exact choice.
The “X” in MSC X stands for the exceptional project that demands much more control --unprecedented power and integration. These very large projects pose a number of challenges: from the sheer volume of control required and the need for it to be synchronized across all fixtures and devices, to the variety of different technologies that need to work together, to high-level media-content integration. Designed to meet the unique needs of such landmark projects, the MSC X is available in capacities ranging from 10,240 channels of DMX-over-Ethernet ( 20 universes) up to more than 100,000 channels (200 DMX universes, or, 34,000 RGB LEDs!) from a single 19”equipment-rack-mounted unit.



Mosaic MSCX