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Sterowniki architektoniczne: Mosaic MSC1/MSC2

Mosaic MSC1/MSC2

Producent: ETC

Mosaic MSC1

Packed with power. These ‘instant-on’ compact devices run your sophisticated shows reliably and precisely, time after time. The Mosaic Show Controller 1 (MSC1) and the Mosaic Show Controller 2 (MSC2) support DMX512 and DMX-Over-Ethernet protocols to control color-mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable fixtures and automated lights. MSC1 offers one DMX universe -- 512 channels (or, 170 RGB color-mixing units). MSC2 offers two universes -- 1024 channels (or, 340 RGB color-mixing units). Per universe, you can choose to output DMX512 directly to your devices or send the data to your network using DMX-over-Ethernet protocols: streaming ACN (sACN), ETCNet2™, Philips KiNet™, ArtNet2™, or Pathway XDMX™.

Mosaic MSC1