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Oprogramowanie: Cyber Arch

Cyber Arch

Producent: ROBE Lighting


Second generation of the Cyber Control software contains many new and improved features and functions, including support for both 32/64-bit computer versions, new Easy Stand Alone PRO software and newly designed hardware interfaces with more XLR connectors, SD Card data storage, real time clock and others.

Cyber Arch is using a new USB-DMX interface with two 512 DMX-out channels and miniSD CARD memory. Designed especially for architectural installations, it allows easy control of lighting within a variety of places such as homes, hotels, restaurants, fountains, gardens, and many more.
Main features:
  • 512 standalone DMX channels
  • 1024 live DMX channels
  • Port triggering
  • Time triggering with daylight saving and sunset/sunrise functions
  • Confi gurable DMX signal
  • Replaceable battery
  • Supported software: Easy Stand Alone