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Oprogramowanie: CueLUX


Producent: Cue




Cuelux jest programowym sterownikiem sprzętu oświetleniowego, m. in. głów ruchomych, dimmerów, opraw LED, laserów oraz wielu innych urządzeń wykorzystujących DMX512 lub ArtNet. Sterownik funkcjonuje w oparciu o łatwy w obsłudze interfejs graficzny zaprojektowany z myślą o ekranach dotykowych; jakkolwiek obsługa przy pomocy myszki oraz klawiatury także nie przysparza trudności. Zestaw zawiera interfejs USB-DMX, który bez problemu zmieści się w torbie z komputerem.
Program jest dostępny w wersji Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X oraz Ubuntu Linux.


DMX512 + Art-net

The Cuelux software is shipped with a USB to DMX interface. The interface sends out 512 channels through a ESD protected 3-pin DMX-512 port.

Once the hardware interface is plugged in your computer the DMX data is duplicated over Art-Net. This is also useful for connecting to 3rd party visualizers.

Industry-standard cuelist system

The cuelist system in Cuelux, used for programming light sequences, is analogous to the systems used on larger lighting consoles like Wholehog, Compulite, GrandMa, etc. It features separate Delay, Fade in & Fade out timing and comes with a shape generator and programmer window.

MIDI Control Surfaces

Cuelux offers plug-and-play support of MIDI control surfaces to provide you with low-cost 'hands-on' fader control. For example the Behringer BCF-2000 is fully supported including feedback to the motorized faders.

iPhone Remote Control

Cuelux comes with a Remote Control application that runs on your iPhone and other mobile devices with a modern Internet browser. This cool web-application currently offers two features: a patch list and a playback button page.
The patch list in the Remote Control displays - in real-time - all fixtures in the Cuelux patch and their settings like mode and starting address. The address is shown in decimal and dipswitch manner. The patch list feature allows the Cuelux operator to go on stage and conveniently set the address on each fixture having all the information shown on his iPhone.
The Remote Control also features a playback button page that can trigger cuelists. Do you need a break from your long gig? This feature enables you to go and get a drink and cue your lights from the bar or dance floor!

100% Touchscreen compatible

All controls in Cuelux’ user-interface are large enough for finger control. There is no requirement for right mouse-clicks or a physical QWERTY keyboard, as the software will pop up a Visual Keyboard when needed.

2100+ Personality files

Cuelux is shipped with a vast amount of personality files (somtimes referred to as 'fixture profiles') that covers all popular brands from Abstract to Zap Technologies and everything in between.
Cuelux is accompanied by the 'Builder'; our free-of-charge application for creating and editing personality files.


Cuelux uses the concept of sub-fixtures. This means that some fixtures consist of multiple sub-fixtures, like a 10-channel dimmer rack is - in our terms - just one fixtures with 10 sub-fixtures. This also works for LED fixtures with multiple segments/pixels. In this manner the maximum of 48 will not be reached that quickly (you can add 48 x 10 = 480 dimmer channels). The reason behind the concept of sub-fixtures is that it makes patching easier; you only add the physical fixtures to your patch and you don’t have to worry about setting starting addresses per dimmer channel, or worse, per LED segment.

Multi language

You can choose your own language from the Options menu. The choice of languages includes English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Slovene and Dutch.

Clipboard & full undo

Cuelux is equipped with clipboard and full undo functions. The Cut, Copy & Paste functionality can be used for any element in the application.
The multi-level undo/redo system, also applies to the programmer window, patch, cuelist system, etc.


Direct-access buttons for controlling fog machines, strobes and audience blinders. These buttons do not need to be programmed by the user; it works automatically.

Other specs

- Multi-core CPU optimised software engine that runs at 40Hz
- Maximum 48 fixtures (e.g. 10 channel dimmer is regarded as 1 fixture)
- Unlimited Groups and Sub-masters
- 64 Playback Faders + 64 Playback Buttons
- USB Joystick support