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Media serwery: Ai Server T4 & T8

Ai Server T4 & T8

Producent: AVOLITES

The Ai T4 and T8 servers are robust, touring workhorses deliver smooth and reliable playout of 4 & 8 Full HD outputs.

Just like the Ai Infinity, the Ai T4 and T8 offers 8 discrete fixture groups with 4 layers each, producing a formidable 32 media layers.

Furthermore, the Salvation Engine may easily be configured to provide up to 64 layers or PIP’s with a single server!

Ai T4 &T8 servers all offer Midi Timecode inputs and support Artnet and CK output protocols.

The T4 and T8’s are also available with 1 x VGA / DVi + 2 x HD / SDI capture inputs or alterntively 4 x HD / SDI capture inputs.