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Datapath DL8
The Datapath DL8 is an eight output distribution amplifier for ultra-high resolution Dual-Link DVI signals providing a programmable, flexible and low cost solution for any video wall display. When used in conjunction...
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Datapath X4
The Datapath x4 is a stand alone display wall controller that accepts a standard single or Dual-Link DVI input and can flexibly display this across four output monitors. Each output can be driven as DVI or analog RGB,...
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VisionDVI-DL Video Capture Cards
The VisionDVI-DL is a single channel PCI express Dual-Link DVI video capture card. A stand alone PCI Express x4 plug in card, the VisionDVI-DL delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bandwidth.  A...
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VisionRGB-E1S Video Capture
The VisionRGB-E1S has a single capture channel supporting up to 1920x1080 DVI or 2048x1536 Analog resolution. The VisionRGB-E1S captures the Analog/DVI data and triple buffers it into onboard storage.  This data...
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VisionRGB-E2S Video Capture
The VisionRGB-E2S, a stand alone PCI Express x4 plug in card, delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bus bandwidth providing a further improvement to the 480MB/s of the VisionRGB-E2. The VisionRGB-E2S has...
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VisionRGB-PRO2 Video Capture
A stand alone PCI plug in card, the VisionRGB-PRO2 captures the display output (e.g. the analogue RGB data) from one source and then displays it as an independent application, on your Windows® desktop. The...
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VisionRGB-X2 Video Capture Cards
  Board format 64 bit, up to 133MHz PCI-X, half size plug-in card 105mm x 170mm, PCI bus master with scatter/ gather gather DMA providing up to 1GB/ sec peak, 500MB/ sec...
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VisionSD4+1S Video Capture Cards
The VisionSD4+1S delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bus bandwidth further improved to the 480MB/s of the VisionSD4+1. This video capture card has five complete capture channels supporting a single...
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VisionSD8 Video Capture Cards
  Board format 4 lane PCI Express Card size 110mm x 170mm Maximum capture resolution ...
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VisionSDI2 Video Capture Cards
The VisionSDI2 is a dual channel PCI Express HD-SDI video capture card. The card supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI (including 2K Digital Film Resolution modes). The VisionSDI2, a stand alone PCI Express x4 plug in...
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MSC-1 Media Server Controller
DANE TECHNICZNE • 3 niezależne encodery • 10 submasterów • 16 stron submasterów • 4 klawisze wyboru warstw • 8 klawiszy wyboru przejść • 7 klawiszy kontroli...
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